Temple of Diana

The temple in honour of the Roman goddess Diana was built in the last quarter of the 2nd Century BC. Archaeologists have discovered a large marble statue of Diana and assume that the goddess (Diana was goddess of the hunt, the moon, chastity and the protector of women and girls) was greatly honoured in Apollonia. In mythology, Diana was also the twin sister of Apollo.

Doric temple

Outside the city walls, near the south gate are the remains of the Doric temple, which was built with stone blocks from Karaburun, the peninsula opposite Vlora, to the south. The god who was worshiped in the temple, is not identified but following excavations and studies, it is thought that it could have been Neptune, god of the sea and maritime trade. It is estimated that the temple was built in the Archaic or Classical period from the late 6th-early 5th century.


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