1916 to 1918: An Austrian officer, Praschniker, with his soldiers performed excavations and rediscovered the area of the ancient city. Came to light mosaics , columns, fragments of statues , Greek and Roman tombs , full of kits , tombstones .


1923 to 1938 - The French Mission (Leon Rey): excavations highlighting buildings of the central part of the city. Two houses were excavated, a Roman portico with columns with a decorative pattern, limited by a wall that serves as the terracing of the hill overlooking the Acropolis, and the Odeon.


September 15th to 30th November 1941 - The Italian mission under the direction of Sestieri Claudio Pellegrino , excavations of a Hellenistic Gymnasium, used as a house in Roman times, a mortuary temple and a Roman bastion.


1950s (Mano), 1980s (Dimo) and 2002 (Albanian Rescue Archaeology Unit) - Albanian teams with french teams, tumuli at distances between 600m and 1200m from the city with graves.


1958-1960- Albanian team (Islam Selim, Frano Prendi and Aleksandra Mano)alongside eight Soviet archaeologists, led by Vladimir Borisov Bllavatski and Irida Borisova. archaeological museum, a part of the eastern wall, the temple of Diana, prytaneoni, D and G apartments.


1962 - Albanian team, Roman necropolis, 105 graves.


1992 - Pierre Cabanes and Neritan Ceka, the Albanian-French archaeological mission, calculating the area of the city, discovering the route that linked the harbour with the acropolis, several buildings: a flat, some storehouses, tracts walls, a temple


1998-2001 - Mallakaster Regional Archaeological Project (Dr. Michael Galaty). For reports see the MRAP website


2004 to 2006 - University of Cincinnaty (Jack L. Davis, Sharon R. Stocker, Kathleen Lynch and Evi Gorogianni) along with Albanian researchers Iris Pojani and Vangjel Dimo: a temple dating back to the late 6th century B.C. In addition to remains of sacrificial meals and broken fineware pottery, substantial numbers of Classical and Hellenistic figurines have been found.


In August 2010, a French-Albanian team unearthed a bust of a Roman soldier.

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