The remains of a gymnasium have been partially excavated about 300 m South of the monastery. It is perhaps the gymnasium mentioned by Strabo which was destined for other uses in the Roman period. Two archaic antefixes belonged to an older structure as did a stater struck at Metapontion. It was decorated with statues and the base was discovered there for a statue of Aphrodite, as is clear from a Greek inscription on one of its sides which mentions the prytaneus Psillus and the hieromnemones. During the Hellenistic period, the building was provided with a terracotta bathing tub set into the pavement, but in the Roman period it was turned into a home. Coins dating to the 4th c. A.D., have been discovered there.

Built in the 6th Century BC and was used till the 3rd Century BC being rebuilt several times.


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