Amantia was founded in the 5th century BC and covered an area of 13 ha. Amantia occupied an important defensive position above the Vjosa river valley to the east towards the Kurvelesh Mountains, and on the road to the coast and the Bay of Vlora.


By the 3rd century BC, the Amantia town was strengthened economically and minted its own coins.


The town of Amantia was surrounded with a walled enclosure roughly 2100 meters long. A large fort was built with two gates and two defensive towers in the north.

It was included in the Epirote League in 230 BC.


After the period of Greek colonisation it came under the influence of Apollonia. In the Roman period it declined in importance as it was bypassed by the Via Egnatia. Amantia remained a small urban centre and in early Christian times was the seat of a bishop.


It is thought that Amantia may have been abandoned by the end of the 6th century AD.


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