Most impressive are the city walls, demolished by the Romans, which completely encircled the hill. The most visible gate in the walls is at the south-western side of the city. In the city centre an entire street is exposed. The wall section terminates at a small early Christian church of triconch form overlooking the dramatic cliff at this side of the hill. This chapel, built after the city was ransacked by the Romans, has a mosaic floor.


Antigonea is distinguished from other ancient cities through its quadrangular and regular urban plan, similar to many Hellenistic cities of Greece. It indicates also that Antigonea had indeed been created upon decree, and not developed over time.


Besides the points of interest listed below, also an agora, a theater and a stoa, 59m long and 9m wide, have been discovered. The theater was first discovered in the 80s. It had a capacity of 4000 seats over 27 steps.

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